Terminal blocks and power distribution blocks

Entrelec is a leading manufacturer of electrical connection products and solutions. We encourage you to contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for product information. For immediate assistance, please chat with us using the chat button below or call us at 301-831-7550.

Entrelec’s product offerings include a wide range of terminal blocks, markers, relays, power supplies, and accessories for industrial automation, transportation, energy, and building infrastructure applications.

Entrelec’s terminal blocks are designed to connect and distribute electrical signals and power between different components in a control panel or system. These include modular terminal blocks, fuse terminal blocks, disconnect terminal blocks, and specialty terminal blocks for high-density applications.

In addition to terminal blocks, Entrelec offers a variety of marking and identification products such as labels, tags, and sleeves to help organize and label wires and cables.

Entrelec’s relay offerings include general purpose and solid-state relays designed for industrial automation applications. Their power supply range includes AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for use in critical applications.

Finally, Entrelec offers a range of accessories such as tools, test blocks, and surge protectors to complement their product offerings and provide a complete solution for their customers’ electrical connection needs.