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As an expert in designing and manufacturing solid-state power controllers, HBControls understands the importance of effectively managing heat in order to maximize product reliability and life expectancy. HBControls power controllers and solid-state relays utilize highly efficient, custom-designed heat sinks to ensure that critical components remain well within specified parameters, allowing for safe, reliable operation in harsh ambient environments. Typical single-phase and multi-phase power controller ratings range from 0 – 100 amps in a 40°C ambient and include simple on/off switching as well as microprocessor-based phase-angle or burst fire (time proportioned) control.

Moreover, with life expectancies greater than 7 million hours (>800 years), HBControls power controllers outlive by far the equipment in which they are installed. This makes them an ideal, eco-friendly alternative to traditional mechanical or mercury contactors since they minimize electronic waste and reduce environmental contaminants.

With a broad range of standard products, technical expertise and support, and custom-design capabilities HBControls is  here to help you succeed. We encourage you to contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for product information. For immediate assistance, please chat with us using the chat button below or call us at 301-831-7550.

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