Industrial heaters, temperature controls, temperature sensors and solid state power control products.

At Thermal Devices, we strive to offer an entire selection of industrial heaters and electrical control products for thermal applications. Ensuring the highest standards in quality control, we choose products made by Watlow, a recognized name used by industries worldwide.

Watlow is the largest industrial heater manufacturer in the market, designing products that optimize thermal performance, decrease design time, and improve efficiency. Watlow heaters come in various designs and models including band and cartridge, immersion or tank, duct, and cast-in heaters. For precision sensing applications, we carry Watlow’s thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, and thermistors capable of providing consistent readings in any type of harsh environment. For temperature measurement, Watlow’s surface mount transmitters will reduce downtime using digital technology. Engineered for industrial, scientific, and commercial tasks, Watlow controllers lower cost of ownership, minimize system complexity, and ensure reliability. Their diverse line of products support numerous industrial processing applications for food, plastic, pharmaceutical, rubber, glass, asphalt, and medical.

To learn which Watlow product is best for your needs, please contact our sales team directly.