Chromalox IntelliTrace Wireless Temperature Sensing


  • Seamlessly Integrates with ITLS & ITAS Heat Trace Control Systems
  • Line or Ambient Sensing
  • Ordinary and Hazardous Locations
  • Ideal for New Installations, Expansions & System Upgrades
  • Local or Remote Locations
  • Added Redundancy & Improved Safety
  • Process Temperature Control Optimization
  • System Testing Flexibility
  • Industry Leading Components
  • 360 degree Pipe or Structure Mounting


Thermal Devices is an authorized Chromalox distributor and proudly offers Chromalox’s IntelliTrace Wireless Temperature Sensing System. Wireless is rapidly becoming the preferred sensing technology of choice in many commercial and industrial systems. Wireless sensing can greatly reduce installation costs and more easily solve geographically and structurally challenging sensing applications. Chromalox now provides fully integrated Wireless Temperature Sensing Solutions for Heat Trace applications in ordinary and hazardous areas. Whether you are designing a new heat trace system, expanding an existing one or need to optimize your process, and you are considering wireless temperature sensing, the Chromalox IntelliTrace ITLS and ITAS heat trace control panels are an ideal choice. Contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for more information! Or, request a quote.

Product Description


The Wireless Temperature Sensing components of the Chromalox Heat Trace system include our IntelliTrace ITLS or ITAS Control Panel, which is configured for wireless sensing, and a specified industrial Wireless Transmitter, that is paired with an appropriate temperature sensor. Chromalox has vigorously field-tested and validated the highest rated and most recognized industrial components available.

Control Panel

When the wireless temperature sensing feature is selected, the IntelliTrace Control Panel is internally equipped with an industrial-duty WirelessHART™ certified wireless gateway, antenna and the necessary communication accessories. The panel firmware facilitates wired and wireless temperature sensor inputs seamlessly. The large 10” (250 mm) touchscreen computer HMI distinguishes wireless circuits from wired ones. Each wireless circuit has its own sensor battery life meter. This provides three levels of remaining battery life so that you may properly plan service before it is needed.

Wireless Transmitter

Chromalox has chosen the Rosemount® 248 Wireless Temperature Transmitter, which is an industry standard in the industrial wireless community. This transmitter is WirelessHART™ certified and it may be pipe or structure mounted. The 248 Transmitter is offered in either an aluminum or polymer housing and is available with or without the universal mounting bracket.

Temperature Sensor

Chromalox has standardized on an RTD type temperature sensor. See the heat trace temperature sensor table for several heat trace sensor choices.

Contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for more information! Or, request a quote.