Indeeco Unit Heaters


  • Ultra-Safe™ EXP Explosion-proof Unit Heater:

    Indeeco’s Ultra-Safe™ EXP explosion-proof unit heater is designed with both safety and versatility in mind and is now available for wet locations too.

  • EXA Series Unit Heater

    CE Marked and certified for hazardous locations to meet ATEX and IECEx requirements. They have also received the Eurasian Conformity (EAC Ex) Mark certifying them for hazardous locations to the new Customs Union Technical Regulations.

  • Compact Explosion-proof Unit Heater

    Indeeco’s Compact explosion-proof unit heater is designed with both size and economy in mind.

  • Explosion-proof Convector

    Indeeco’s explosion-proof convector is designed to provide a heavy duty and corrosion resistant heat source

  • Triad® Washdown & Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater

    The Indeeco Triad unit heater is the perfect solution to the problem of heating people or equipment in non-hazardous environments where moisture and corrosion exist

  • IUH Series Industrial Unit Heater

    Indeeco’s industrial unit heater is designed for maximum heating performance in non-hazardous and non-corrosive environments.

  • UHIR Series Unit Heater

    The UHIR unit heater is available in 50 standard models with ratings up to 50 KW at voltages of 208, 240, 277, and 480 single or three-phase. They are available with a wide variety of factory built-in or field-installed options.

  • UCI Series Unit Heater

    The UCI unit heater is designed for industrial and commercial applications

  • ULIR Series Unit Heater

    The ULIR unit heater is an economical choice for commercial heating applications.

  • UVI Series Vertical Unit Heater

    The UVI unit heater is designed to heat buildings with high ceilings. It may also be used to re-circulate warm air that builds up near ceilings. UVI heaters can be used as primary, supplemental or dual heating systems in commercial or industrial buildings.

  • UHCI Series 50 Hz

    The UHCI commercial unit heater was developed to target the international commercial and institutional markets. This unit heater offers popular control options and a rugged construction suitable for commercial applications. A draw-through design with an egg-crate discharge air diffuser and individual adjustable louvers provide excellent performance.

  • UHP Series

    Indeeco's confined space plenum unit heater is the perfect heating solution for parking garages and other confined spaces.

  • UHHP Series

    Indeeco's plenum heaters are versatile by design and are easily serviceable, if ever needed.

  • UHLP Series

    Indeeco's low profile plenum heaters are the perfect choice for low clearance applications in ceilings and floors.


Thermal Devices offers Indeeco’s full line of explosion-proof and fan-forced electric unit heaters. These products include Ultra-Safe™ EXP and Compact explosion-proof unit Heaters; an explosion-proof convector; the Triad washdown & corrosion resistant unit heater; and several types of standard unit heaters. Indeeco offers commercial and industrial electric heating and control systems that set the industry standard for excellence. Contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for more information! Or, request a quote.

Product Description

Ultra-Safe™ EXP Explosion-proof Unit Heater

  • Optional Wet Location Features I
  • Industry’s Lowest Ignition Temperature Code Rating: T3C, 320°F (160°C)
  • Dual Overtemperature Protection: With both automatic and manual reset overtemperature cutouts for additional safety.
  • Nontoxic Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Low 70 PSIG Relief Valve Setting: This assures that in an emergency, the initial escaping vapor temperature remains below the 320°F (160°C) ignition temperature.
  • Corrosion Resistant Options: INDEECO offers three constructions suitable for most applications.

EXA Series Unit Heater

  • Wattages of 3 kW to 30 kW
  • 230V/3, 50 Hz, 400V/3, 50 Hz and 480V/3, 60 Hz
  • Air delivery up to 6,115 m3/hr
  • Air velocity up to 7.9 m/s
  • Horizontal air throw up to 22.3 m
  • High temperature relief valve
  • Two high-limit temperature controls; one with automatic reset and one with manual
  • Thermal delay fuse
  • 24V Control
  • Optional built-in or wall mounted thermostat
  • 3 year warranty against defects

Compact Explosion-proof Unit Heater

  • Compact Size: This small design is only 13 inches wide, which makes it ideal for applications where limited space is available.
  • Low Cost: The COMPACT design offers the most economical solution for heating small Class I, Group D hazardous areas. It is a cost effective alternative to the use of explosion-proof convection heaters.
  • Redundant Overtemperature Protection: Primary and secondary automatic reset thermal cutouts for additional safety.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Provides superior corrosion resistant protection. Optional Dirty Duty construction adds polyester powder coating to all aluminum parts for use in corrosive applications.
  • Optional Marine Duty Construction: The COMPACT design is ideal for shipboard use where size, weight and corrosion resistant construction are critical.

Explosion-proof Convector

  • Wide Selection of Sizes: Four compact sizes to fit any space with ratings from 500 to 9,500 watts.
  • Sloped Top Cabinet: Prevents objects from being set on top of the convector, which can restrict airflow and cause overheating.
  • Single and Three-Phase: Unique design provides single and balanced three-phase loads in a single element.
  • Gas and Dust Atmospheres: Three listings cover the entire field, two for hazardous gases and vapors and one for dust particles.
  • Wet Locations: All unit sizes available with iriditecoated elements and powder-coated frames for NEMA 3 wet locations.

Triad® Washdown & Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater

  • Built-in Controls: All necessary safety and temperature controls are included in a single package. Components and motor are factory-wired to a single terminal block for field wiring, eliminating the chance for field error and reducing installation costs.
  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up: Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Stainless steel construction, powder- coated aluminum fan blade and nonmetallic NEMA 4X terminal enclosure resist corrosion found in sewage treatment plants, swimming pool areas, car washes, paper mills and marine installations.
  • Washable: This watertight construction can be hosed down without disconnecting the heater, which makes it ideal for coal handling areas, steel mills, foundries, ships, wood finishing plants, cement, sand, grain and food processing facilities.

IUH Series Industrial Unit Heater

  • Unique Design: Round design of the industrial unit heater provides uniform airflow over the elements to prevent hot spots and ensure even discharge temperatures. Circular stainless steel finned tubular elements have a longer life due to lower operating temperatures.
  • Built-in Controls: Heaters are completely assembled with all electrical components built-in at the factory to reduce installation costs.
  • Improved Performance: High CFM’s and air throw up to 50 feet promote air circulation within the space. More uniform temperature increases comfort levels and helps to eliminate cold spots.
  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up: Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit.

UHIR Series Unit Heater

  • Temperature Control: Single-stage or two-stage control with built-in or remote-mounted thermostats are available on all heaters.
  • Control Options: Available as factory built-in or field-installed to meet job specifications.
  • Custom KW’s: Custom KW’s are available up to 50 KW.
  • Discharge Direction: The UHIR heater can be mounted for horizontal or vertical discharge using an optional universal wall/ceiling mounting bracket or with field-furnished threaded rods for ceiling mounting.
  • Color Options: The standard color is camel. Six optional colors are available: grey, yellow, red, white, blue or textured beige. Heaters may also be supplied with unpainted corrosion resistant galvanized steel.

UCI Series Unit Heater

  • Large Capacity: Heavy-duty construction with ratings up to 60 KW at 2,000 CFM.
  • Control Options: Wide range of factory built-in or field-installed control options to meet job specifications.
  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up: Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit. Field connections and built-in controls are easily accessed in the side-mounted control compartment.
  • Discharge Direction: The UCI heater may be mounted horizontally using one of two brackets (supplied) or vertically using four threaded rods (not included).

ULIR Series Unit Heater

  • Compact Design: Ideal for primary or spot heating applications. Units can be wall or ceiling-mounted for horizontal airflow.
  • Versatility: Three different heater KW ratings can be field converted to either 240 or 208 single-phase power.
  • Built-in Adjustable Thermostat: Minimum temperature setting on thermostat can be used to disable the heater.
  • Best in class warranty:  Three year warranty against defects in workmanship, material, design, labeling and packaging.

UVI Series Vertical Unit Heater

  • Vertical Airflow: Suitable for applications in high bay industrial buildings where columns, machinery or warehouse stock would obstruct horizontal air movement.
  • Air Distribution Patterns: Three optional air diffusers produce different air distribution patterns to accommodate various applications.

UHCI Series 50 Hz

  • Easy to Install:  Includes wall and ceiling mounting brackets for horizontal airflow discharge.  For vertical airflow four (4) weld nuts for threaded rods (not supplied) are provided in the back of the heater for suspended mounting.
  • Control Options:  All heaters have factory installed contactor, 24 volt control circuit is standard except for 1.84 to 4.2 kW 220 volt single phase heaters which have line voltage control circuits.  Optional controls are available, see listing below.

UHP Series

  • Wattages up to 5 kW
  • Voltages up to 480V / 3PH
  • Temp rises up to 57° F
  • Air throw 16ft

UHHP Series

  • Wattages up to 50 kW
  • Voltages up to 480V / 3PH
  • CFM ranges from 70 to 3600
  • One and two stage performance

UHLP Series

  • Wattages up to 18 kW
  • Voltages up to 480V / 3PH
  • CFM ranges from 170 to 1500
  • One and two stage performance

Contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for more information! Or, request a quote.