Nexthermal Cartridge Heaters


  • Anti-Seize Cartridge Heaters

    Anti-seize coating is available for both medium watt density cartridge heaters and high watt density cartridge heaters. Anti-Seize coating will make cartridge heater extraction more efficient while keeping work and damage to your costly tooling to a minimum. Nexthermal now hard coats cartridge heaters in house to improve delivery. With this coating, we are still able to hold our precision Nexthermal tolerance. If you have ever struggled to remove a cartridge heater, you understand the positive impact anti-seize coating will have on your productivity.

  • High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters

    Nexthermal’s high watt density cartridge heaters are built with premium materials to maximize field performance. Their cartridge heaters can be configured with optional type J or K thermocouples. Nexthermal is also able to manufacture metric sizes from 3.1 mm to 25 mm and imperial sizes ranging from 1/8” to 1”. If you need a quality built cartridge heater designed to your specifications and delivered fast, Nexthermal has the right high watt density cartridge heater solution for you.

  • Medium Watt Density Cartridge Heaters

    The cost effective alternative for cartridge heaters greater than 8” long with watt densities below 65 watts per square inch. Medium watt density cartridge heaters have the resistance wire in the center of a ceramic core. Medium watt density heaters are swaged using the same method as our high watt density cartridge heaters. Medium watt heaters are every bit as durable as high watt density heaters with the additional advantage of fewer electrical connections on multi core (longer) heaters.

  • Energy Efficient Cartridge Heaters

    Nexthermal energy efficient cartridge heater are constructed with a special high thermal transfer sheath material that creates a fast responding, longer lasting, more energy efficient heater.


Nexthermal’s Cartridge Heaters are known for precision, durability and optimal performance as they are manufactured to exceed industry and global standards. Nexthermal’s world-class manufacturing facilities, technology, process and expertise help them to provide heating solutions that significantly boost process efficiency. Electric cartridge heaters come in different metric and imperial sizes and Nexthermal has the wire combinations to support your specific watt density specifications with availability of standard end product and the ability to design and build end product specific to OEM requirements. The right cartridge heater for your application is often the most cost effective process improvement you can make. Contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for more information! Or, request a quote.

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Contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for more information! Or, request a quote.