Tempco Band Heaters


  • Stainless steel sheath material available
  • Unbreakable power screw terminals
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Right angle terminal lugs available
  • Contamination proof design
  • Higher Watt densities
  • Various lead terminations


Thermal Devices is an authorized Tempco distributor. Tempco manufactures a wide range of band heaters that are suitable for many applications. Thermal Devices carries Tempco Mi-Plus, Duraband, Ceramic, Maxiband, Tubular Nozzle Band, and Cast-in band heaters. Please contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer today to learn which band heater is best for your application! Or Request a Quote!

Product Description

Tempco Band Heaters are an excellent choice for plastic injection molding machines, drum heating, extrusion dies, and many more. Thermal Devices proudly offers the following Tempco Band Heaters:


  • For applications with high watt densities and/or high operating temperature
  • Thin low profile cross section using all stainless steel sheath material
  • Unbreakable power screw terminals
  • Igloo Ceramic Covers


  • General purpose terminal box
  • Flexible armor cable for lead protection
  • Unbreakable power screw terminals
  • Specially treated rust-resistant steel sheath
  • Widely used in industry due to extreme versatility


  • Conserves energy by using a ceramic fiber insulating blanket
  • Flexible metal housing
  • Perfect for high temperature applications
  • Commonly used in blow molding and injection molding


  • Rugged design
  • Right angle terminal lugs for easy wiring
  • Strap constructed from low thermal expansion alloy
  • Excellent heat transfer

Tubular Nozzle Band:

  • Contamination proof design
  • Incloy sheath
  • Various lead terminations
  • Higher Watt densities

Please contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer to learn which band heater is best for your application!

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