Watlow EZ-LINK™ Mobile Application


  • Compatible with all 1/16 DIN EZ-ZONE PM and PM Plus controllers and limits that have the Bluetooth® communications option
  • Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Designed for phones, compatible with tablets


Watlow’s EZ-LINK™ mobile app allows users to easily set up, monitor and adjust Watlow® PM PLUS™ and EZ-ZONE® PM controllers via Bluetooth® wireless technology. The app is available free-of-charge from the app stores for phones and tablets and provides access to the controller’s parameters with fully spelled out names in plain text with help topics that explain each parameter and option.

Download From The Apple Store          Download From The Google Play Store

Thermal Devices is an authorized Watlow Distributor and proudly offers Watlow’s complete line of EZ-ZONE® PM controllers. Interested in purchasing a bluetooth compatible PM controller? Contact a Thermal Devices’ Sales Engineer for more information! Or, request a quote.

Product Description

When connected to a controller, the app’s home page displays up to 20 parameters. Users can configure which parameters appear on the home view with the controller’s custom home page. The All Parameters feature in the app allows users set up the controller’s inputs, control settings, alarms, outputs and other features and functions.

After setting up the controller, EZ-LINK can be used to save the settings in a file that can be imported into other controllers, shared with other users and inspected with Watlow’s COMPOSER® software. Also the app supports the controller’s password protection, alarm and error indicators, connection to Watlow for feedback and support and accessing device information such as firmware version, part number and serial number.

The app works with all 1/16 DIN PM PLUS and EZ-ZONE PM controllers and limits with Bluetooth® wireless technology. This option is approved for use in the U.S., Canada, Japan, the European Union, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand, with more locations coming soon.