Zelio SSP1A450BDT Solid State Relay

SSP solid state relays are panel mount relays which offer complete solid state control and switching solutions with single-phase and three-phase types.

Replaces: SVDA-6V50, D4850, D2450, D2440, D4840, 380D45, 240D45, SSR660DC50 and any other 50 Amp relay with DC Control Voltage

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Zelio SSP1A450BDT Solid State Relay

Features of the SSP1:
Single-phase panel mount solid state relays available with/without embedded thermal pad and smart diagnostic feature, extended load output voltage of up to 660 V a and load current rating of 10 A to 125 A.

Solid State Relays have been industry staples for many years. Their long life, fast switching capabilities and low cost make them excellent replacements for mercury contactors or electro-mechanical contactors. In most cases, use of these relays will allow faster cycle times for your temperature controlled applications. In lighting and other non-resistive loads, solid state relays offer the ability to precisely control the function of those loads for optimum performance and life. These hockey-puck style relays have an industry standard footprint and are a perfect replacement for solid state relays manufactured by companies such as Crydom, Gordos, Crouzet, Omron, Idec, Opto 22, Chromalox, Athena Controls, and many others.

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Zelio SSP1A450BDT Solid State Relay



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Solid State Relays (Hockey Puck Style)

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