Athena IMPD15000000 Hot Runner Control

Thermal Devices is an authorized Athena distributor and offers the Athena IMP-D-15-000-000 Hot Runner Control. Athena’s Series IMP Modular Hot Runner controller is a microprocessor-based, single-zone temperature controller specifically designed for runnerless molding applications. The controller is fully self-tuning, with built-in diagnostics, and features an easy-to-use operator keypad with simultaneous process and set point displays and discrete indicators for heat output, alarm, F / C, manual/closed loop mode, and CompuStep.

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SKU: IMPD15000000

Athena IMPD15000000 Hot Runner Control

Features of the Athena IMP Hot Runner Control:

  • CompuStep bake out feature removes moisture from the heater before full power is applied
  • CompuCycle feature improves response time, reduces thermal fatigue, and prolongs heater life by applying AC
  • power smoothly and continuously SafeChange “hot swap” feature allows safe removal and replacement of modules
  • Compatible with all D-M-E Company’s G Series and Smart Series, Yudo, and Incoe brand mainframes
  • Accepts Type “J” or “K” thermocouple input (dip switch selectable)
  • Current monitoring feature displays average output current to load
  • Bumpless auto/manual transfer (dip switch selectable) Built-in loop break, open, and reverse thermocouple protection
  • Preset alarms at 30 F (17 C)
  • CE Compliant
  • Available in 30 amp modules
  • Available 10 and 15 amp single zone portable units

Athena IMPD15000000 Hot Runner Control



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