Ogden Aluma-Flex Band Heater AFH3-50-0001

The Ogden Aluma-Flex Band Heater AFH3-50-0001 from Thermal Devices, an authorized Ogden distributor. The Aluma-Flex Band Heaters are perhaps our most robust industrial bands heater featuring a tubular heating element embedded into an aluminum channel. Aluma-Flex ensures exceptional temperature uniformity and long life due its rugged construction and heat transfer capabilities. Aluma-Flex Bands have sheath temperature capabilities up to 650 F (345 C). These bands are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be made in diameters up to 90″.

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Ogden Aluma-Flex Band Heater AFH3-50-0001

Features of the Ogden Aluma-Flex Band Heaters:

  • Rugged, long lasting design
  • Excellent heat transfer from element to sheath and sheath to heated part
  • Temperatures to 650 F (340 C)
  • Virtually contamination proof
  • Uniform sheath temperature
  • Easy installation

Ogden Aluma-Flex Band Heater AFH3-50-0001



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