Partlow 2132121 Temperature Contrller

The Partlow 2132121 Temperature Contrller now manufactured by Specialty Product Technologies, from Thermal Devices, an authorized Partlow distributor. The MIC 2000 is a single loop, 1/4 DIN controller capable of controlling a variety of processes ranging from simple on/off to dual 4-20mA output with full PID. Inputs include thermocouple, RTD, millivolt, volt, and milliamp.
Standard features include: isolated process input, setpoint and output limits, and .56 inch high LEDs. It will display programming of process deviation and setpoint, of percent output, and scaling with decimal point positioning.

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Partlow 2132121 Temperature Contrller


Features of the Partlow MIC 2000 Temperature Controller:

  • Single, 4-digit, 0.56 in. LED display
  • 1/4 DIN panel mount
  • Universal Input for thermocouple, RTD DC linear V, DC linear mA/mV user-selectable
  • Up to 3 outputs; relay, SSR driver, 4-20mA
  • Process or deviation/band alarm functions
  • ON/OFF, position proportioning, PID Control
  • Optional RS-485 serial communications
  • Program security

Partlow 2132121 Temperature Contrller



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Partlow MIC 2000 Temperature Controller

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Partlow 2132121

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