Red Lion DA70A0G5A5P5P020 Protocol Gateway

The Red Lion DA70A0G5A5P5P020 Protocol Gateway from Thermal Devices, an authorized Red Lion distributor. Red Lion’s FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform brings industrial data together as never before to transform edge computing. FlexEdge provides a scalable solution to integrate complex multi-vendor environments into digital transformation strategies, while providing a futureproof solution for changing application needs. TThe modular design of the DA70A allows for up to three communications sleds to be added as requirements change or new communication standards emerge. Rugged, field-installable PID control and I/O modules ensure a solution that adapts to meet almost any industrial application need.

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Red Lion DA70A0G5A5P5P020 Protocol Gateway

FlexEdge 3-Sled 1-RS232 2-RS485 Serial 2x RS232 J1939 J1939 Protocol Gateway

Features of the Red Lion DA70A 3-Sled Modular Gateway with Scalable I/O:

  • One Platform. Limitless Potential: Avoid costly and complex rip-and-replace scenarios by leveraging the FlexEdge sled architecture, designed to enable organizations to leverage new communications technologies as they become available.
  • Backward Compatible. Forward Thinking: Built with advanced networking capabilities at the core, providing powerful and secure networking to any industrial application is easy. Powered by Crimson 3.2, FlexEdge enables connectivity to virtually anything in your system with point-and-click simplicity. And the new equipment working with the existing infrastructure means capital budgets are kept in check.
  • Plug and play. And plug. And play: The FlexEdge form factor adapts as applications needs change; effortlessly scale by adding up to ten hot-swappable I/O or PID modules. On-device wiring diagrams and removable wire clamp screw terminal blocks ease installation, while the at-a-glance module status indicator and individual channel LEDs improve troubleshooting and system testing.
  • Software Defined Gateway. Field Upgradable: Select the right FlexEdge software functionality for the application. Select from Networking Gateway, Protocol Gateway, Advanced IIoT Gateway, or an Automation Controller with IEC 61131 capabilities. If the application changes, simply upgrade the gateway to meet the applications requirements, it’s that easy. Reduce or eliminate costly equipment changes as simply as pushing new software.
  • Rugged Outside. Reliable Inside: Rugged construction, a wide operating temperature range, industrial certifications and Red Lion’s Crimson software provide a dependable solution for control, networking and data visualization in even the harshest environments.

Red Lion DA70A0G5A5P5P020 Protocol Gateway


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DA70A 3-Sled Modular Gateway with Scalable I/O

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