Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater HDB00035

The Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater HDB00035 from Thermal Devices, an authorized Tempco distributor. Bolt Heaters are used as an aid to tighten large bolts in heavy machinery and equipment. Heaters are sized for easy insertion into a hollow bolt. The rapid heating of the bolt expands it, allowing further tightening of the nut. The heater is then de-energized and removed. As the bolt cools, its contraction back to original size provides a tight fit.

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Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater HDB00035

Features of the Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heaters:

  • Hi-Density Construction
  • Conduit Box with Knockouts
  • Wooden Handle
  • High Temperature Lead Wires ? 250 C (482 F)
  • Optional SJO Cord or Post Terminals
  • Optional Quick Disconnect Plugs

Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater HDB00035



Product Line

Bolt Cartridge Heaters

Diameter (in.)

1 in.

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