Tempco Ceramic E-Mitter CRB10227 6 PACK

The Tempco Ceramic E-Mitter CRB10227 from Thermal Devices, an authorized Tempco distributor. Ceramic E-Mitters are manufactured in a casting process embedding the resistance wire in the ceramic material. Standard colors are metamorphing rose (cold) to grey (hot), and traditional white. Optional colors are metamorphing yellow (cold) to orange (hot), and black. Units are available with a built-in type K thermocouple (optional Type J). Low electrical noise thermocouple options are also available. Ceramic E-Mitters can be supplied with individual reflectors or mounted in custom structural arrays.

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Tempco Ceramic E-Mitter CRB10227 6 PACK

Features of the Tempco CRB Ceramic E-Mitters:

  • Size:60 mm x 245 mm (2.36″ x 9.65″)
  • Universal mount designed to be dropped into existing systems regardless of manufacturer.
  • Optional color changing material to indicate if E-mitter is on or off.
  • Standard stocked voltage: 120 or 220/240V as noted; other voltages are available.
  • Long operating life over 10,000-plus hours of continuous operation under normal conditions
  • Performance is unaffected by vibration or adverse atmospheric conditions.
  • 2.5 to 6 infrared radiation wavelength

Tempco Ceramic E-Mitter CRB10227 6 PACK



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