Tempco Pennybottom Cartridge Heater HDP00057

The Tempco Pennybottom Cartridge Heater HDP00057 from Thermal Devices, an authorized Tempco distributor. The unique feature of the Pennybottom cartridge heater is the use of a flat copper end disc to maximize heat transfer and improve temperature sensing. The Pennybottom cartridge heater also includes a Type J thermocouple at the end disc. The junction is grounded to the flat copper end disc, providing excellent temperature control at the gating area, eliminating freeze-ups or drool, thus producing quality molded parts.

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Tempco Pennybottom Cartridge Heater HDP00057

Features of the Tempco Pennybottom Cartridge Heaters:

  • Hi-Density Swaged Construction
  • Copper Flat End Disc
  • Type J T/C
  • 36″ High Temperature Leads for both heater and T/C
  • Minimum cold sections / computer designed distributed wattage
  • OEM Replacements available from Stock for Runnerless Molding Systems

Tempco Pennybottom Cartridge Heater HDP00057



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