Watlow 0015042500 Insulator

The Watlow 0015042500 Insulator from Thermal Devices, an authorized Watlow distributor. The STRETCH-TO-LENGTH heater is the perfect solution for semiconductor gas line applications requiring precise temperatures to prevent condensation or over-temperature breakdown of critical process chemistries. As a superior alternative to heat tape, its preformed construction allows it to be wrapped around the delivery line enabling consistent heater/gas line contact and improved temperature uniformity. The STRETCH-TO-LENGTH gas line heater is the perfect solution for semiconductor processes where condensation of critical gases occurs due to a phase shift at low temperatures. High or low temperature conditions could result in undesirable particulates and result in costly device defects and tool maintenance. The STRETCH-TO-LENGTH heater’s preformed wrapping capability provides engineers with the flexibility needed to compensate for different sized components, thereby reducing the potential for hot and cold spots. The system includes a 2 W/in2 STRETCH-TO-LENGTH heater and silicone rubber foam insulation.

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Watlow 0015042500 Insulator

VCR insulator

Watlow 0015042500 Insulator



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Stretch to Length Heaters


3/8 in. Outer Diameter Insulator

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