Watlow 5900T-320-0200F Transmitter

The Watlow 5900T-320-0200F Transmitter from Thermal Devices, an authorized Watlow distributor. Watlow’s SERIES 5900 temperature transmitter delivers remarkably accurate temperature measurement and improves reliability to reduce downtime and costs. The 5900 SERIES two-wire signal conditioner uses surface mount and digital technology with non-volatile memory. It is designed to fit directly into universal aluminum or universal iron connection heads with a separate mounting kit. The transmitter is programmed using a separate connection cable and an easy-to-use Windows-based software program. There is no need to use a separate thermocouple/RTD calibrator or individual resistors. The SERIES 5900 is isolated to 1500VAC and features full linearization between temperature sensor input signal and the 4-20mA output signal. Isolated transmitters provide isolation from input to output thus eliminating ground loops and signal integrity. Additional options include insulation resistance monitoring between sensor and ground to prevent inaccurate measurements due to insulation breakdown.

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Watlow 5900T-320-0200F Transmitter

Features of the Watlow 5900 Transmitter:

  • Full temperature to thermocouple signal linearization throughout the complete operation temperature span: Ensures signal accuracy
  • Full isolation from input to output: Eliminates ground loops for high data integrity
  • Fits directly into connection head: Easy to install
  • Programmable: Ensures greater convenience for future changes and inventory efficiency
  • User selectable input types: Thermocouple calibration Types B, C, E, J, K, N, R, S and T; RTD Pt100 and Pt1000 including four-wire
  • Optional insulation resistance monitoring: Prevents inaccurate measurements due to insulation breakdown
  • CE marked: Compliant to electromagnetic interference

Watlow 5900T-320-0200F Transmitter



Product Line

Watlow Transmitters


Linearized T/C or RTD

Sensor Type

Type T T/C

Low Temperature

-320 F

High Temperature

-0200 F

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