Watlow F4T Integrated Process Controller F4T1A1DAA1A3062

Base model includes: 4.3 inch color graphical touch panel, 2 USB host, USB configuration port, standard bus, wired Ethernet. SCPI protocol and backwards compatible Modbus for select key SERIES F4D/P/S parameters. Thermal Devices is an authorized Watlow distributor.

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SKU: F4T1A1DAA1A3062

Watlow F4T Integrated Process Controller F4T1A1DAA1A3062

Features of the Watlow F4T Integrated Process Controller:

  • 4.3-inch, color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface
  • Easily retrofit with minimal disruption
  • Integrated functions lower ownership costs
  • Supports fast and flexible design environments
  • Easy connectivity and data mobility with file transfers
  • Integrated PID controller 1-4 loops
  • Touch-Screen Nema 4x front panel
  • Data logger functionality
  • FM approved limit controller 1-4 loops
  • Solid state relays
  • Timers, counters, PLC math and logic
  • Panel switches and lights (softkeys)

Watlow F4T Integrated Process Controller F4T1A1DAA1A3062



Product Line

F4T Base Model

Screen type

Touch screen

Data Logging, Trend Charts


Watlow Code Number


Profiles, Function Blocks

40 Profiles, Basic Set, Battery Backup and Real-Time Clock

Power Supply Connector, Volt

100 to 240VAC, Right angle (standard)

Accent Bar

Lead Time

3-5 Business Days (Call us at 301-831-7550 for next day shipping)

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