Watlow PM8C4FA-ACFAFAA Controller

The Watlow PM8C4FA-ACFAFAA Controller from Thermal Devices, an authorized Watlow distributor. The EZ-ZONE PM panel mount controller offers control options that reduce system complexity and thermal loop ownership cost. It can be ordered as a PID controller, an over/under limit controller or its functions can be combined into an integrated controller. An option to integrate a high amperage power controller output with a high-performance PID controller and an over/under limit controller in one space-saving, panel mount package is also available. Many communications options are offered to support connectivity needs.

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Watlow PM8C4FA-ACFAFAA Controller

  • Integrated functions and high amperage power control output lower ownership costs
  • Current monitoring detects heater current flow and provides alarm indication of a failed output device or heater load
  • Features a wide range of serial communications capabilities
  • Dual-channel controller provides two PID controllers in one space-saving package
  • Configuration communications with software saves time and improves reliability of controller setup

Replaces: 996D-11FF-AAGG, 996D-11FF-AAGR, 996D-11FF-AARG, 996D-11FF-AARR, 996D-11FF-ATGG, 996D-11FF-ATGR, 996D-11FF-ATRG, 996D-11FF-ATRR, 996D-11FF-MAGG, 996D-11FF-MAGR, 996D-11FF-MARG, 996D-11FF-MARR, 996D-11FF-MTGG, 996D-11FF-MTGR, 996D-11FF-MTRG, 996D-11FF-MTRR, 996D-11FF-NAGG, 996D-11FF-NAGR, 996D-11FF-NARG, 996D-11FF-NARR, 996D-11FF-NBGG, 996D-11FF-NBGR, 996D-11FF-NBRG, 996D-11FF-NBRR, 996D-11FF-NTGG, 996D-11FF-NTGR, 996D-11FF-NTRG, 996D-11FF-NTRR, 996D-11FF-TAGG, 996D-11FF-TAGR, 996D-11FF-TARG, 996D-11FF-TARR, 996D-11FF-TTGG, 996D-11FF-TTGR, 996D-11FF-TTRG, 996D-11FF-TTRR, 996D-12FF-AAGG, 996D-12FF-AAGR, 996D-12FF-AARG, 996D-12FF-AARR, 996D-12FF-ATGG, 996D-12FF-ATGR, 996D-12FF-ATRG, 996D-12FF-ATRR, 996D-12FF-MAGG, 996D-12FF-MAGR, 996D-12FF-MARG, 996D-12FF-MARR, 996D-12FF-MTGG, 996D-12FF-MTGR, 996D-12FF-MTRG, 996D-12FF-MTRR, 996D-12FF-NAGG, 996D-12FF-NAGR, 996D-12FF-NARG, 996D-12FF-NARR, 996D-12FF-NBGG, 996D-12FF-NBGR, 996D-12FF-NBRG, 996D-12FF-NBRR, 996D-12FF-NTGG, 996D-12FF-NTGR, 996D-12FF-NTRG, 996D-12FF-NTRR, 996D-12FF-TAGG, 996D-12FF-TAGR, 996D-12FF-TARG, 996D-12FF-TARR, 996D-12FF-TTGG, 996D-12FF-TTGR, 996D-12FF-TTRG, 996D-12FF-TTRR, 996D-21FF-AAGG, 996D-21FF-AAGR, 996D-21FF-AARG, 996D-21FF-AARR, 996D-21FF-ATGG, 996D-21FF-ATGR, 996D-21FF-ATRG, 996D-21FF-ATRR, 996D-21FF-MAGG, 996D-21FF-MAGR, 996D-21FF-MARG, 996D-21FF-MARR, 996D-21FF-MTGG, 996D-21FF-MTGR, 996D-21FF-MTRG, 996D-21FF-MTRR, 996D-21FF-NAGG, 996D-21FF-NAGR, 996D-21FF-NARG, 996D-21FF-NARR, 996D-21FF-NBGG, 996D-21FF-NBGR, 996D-21FF-NBRG, 996D-21FF-NBRR, 996D-21FF-NTGG, 996D-21FF-NTGR, 996D-21FF-NTRG, 996D-21FF-NTRR, 996D-21FF-TAGG, 996D-21FF-TAGR, 996D-21FF-TARG, 996D-21FF-TARR, 996D-21FF-TTGG, 996D-21FF-TTGR, 996D-21FF-TTRG, 996D-21FF-TTRR, 996D-22FF-AAGG, 996D-22FF-AAGR, 996D-22FF-AARG, 996D-22FF-AARR, 996D-22FF-ATGG, 996D-22FF-ATGR, 996D-22FF-ATRG, 996D-22FF-ATRR, 996D-22FF-MAGG, 996D-22FF-MAGR, 996D-22FF-MARG, 996D-22FF-MARR, 996D-22FF-MTGG, 996D-22FF-MTGR, 996D-22FF-MTRG, 996D-22FF-MTRR, 996D-22FF-NAGG, 996D-22FF-NAGR, 996D-22FF-NARG, 996D-22FF-NARR, 996D-22FF-NTGG, 996D-22FF-NTGR, 996D-22FF-NTRG, 996D-22FF-NTRR, 996D-22FF-TAGG, 996D-22FF-TAGR, 996D-22FF-TARG, 996D-22FF-TARR, 996D-22FF-TTGG, 996D-22FF-TTGR, 996D-22FF-TTRG, 996D-22FF-TTRR

Watlow PM8C4FA-ACFAFAA Controller



Product Line

PM Controls


Please contact a Thermal Devices Sales engineer at 301-831-7550 to verify form, fit, and function when replacing an obsolete or legacy product with this product

Line & Load Voltage

20 to 28VAC or 12 to 40VDC, plus 2 digital I/O points

Watlow Code Number


Input 1

PID controller with universal input


Call us at 301-831-7550 for mode description

Output 1 and 2

Universal process, None

Output 3 and 4

Universal process, None


1/8 DIN



Lead Time

4-6 Business Days (Call us at 301-831-7550 for next day shipping)