Watlow RM Access Module RMAA-A3AB-AA12

Module for Communications, Data Logging, Configuration Backup and Real Time Clock, Includes Standard Bus
Communications, Requires 24 to 28VDC Power Supply.

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Watlow RM Access Module RMAA-A3AB-AA12

Features of the Watlow RM Integrated Controller:

  • Integrated functions lower ownership costs
  • Advanced PID control algorithm
  • Wide range of communications capabilities
  • USB port for data log retrieval
  • Reduce time and configuration complexity with Auto-Clone
  • Allows a common controller platform across many design applications as both loops and outputs can be ordered in single increments

Watlow RM Access Module RMAA-A3AB-AA12



Product Line

RM Access Module

Connector Style

Right angle screw connector (standard)

Communication Options

EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP

Watlow Code Number


Ramp/Soak Functions


System Config/Data Logging

Unlimited AutoConfig. File Back-up for up to 16 Modules. Mobile Data (2G SD Card)

Additional Options

Class 1, Div. 2 (not available with mechanical relay options)

Lead Time

3-5 Business Days (Call us at 301-831-7550 for next day shipping)