Watlow ST Solid State Controller STCL-F2MG-BPAA

The Watlow ST Solid State Controller STCL-F2MG-BPAA from Thermal Devices, an authorized Watlow distributor. The EZ-ZONE ST integrated solid state controller from Watlow offers a complete thermal system control solution in a single package. Features include a PID temperature controller connected to a high-amperage solid state relay with the option of adding a properly sized heat sink, an over- and under-temperature limit, a power shut-down contactor and digital communications in one complete and professionally engineered product. Because the solid state controller system is modular and scalable, a user only pays for what is needed. Stacking the EZ-ZONE ST integrated controller into multiple configurations enables flexibility to standardize the product platform to solve a wide range of application needs.

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Watlow ST Solid State Controller STCL-F2MG-BPAA

Features of the Watlow ST Solid State Controller

  • Multiple mounting options: back panel or DIN-rail mount
  • Off-the-shelf system solution improves reliability, reduces installation costs and eliminates incompatibility issues associated with using multiple brands
  • Ability to communicate with programmable logic controller (PLC), personal computer (PC) or operator interface terminal (OIT)
  • Complies with IP2X to increase user safety
  • Plus or minus percent temperature accuracy

Watlow ST Solid State Controller STCL-F2MG-BPAA



Product Line

ST Controllers

Integrated PID Controller

Output 1: SSR Drive, Output 2: 5A Mech. Relay

Integrated Limit Controller

Limit control module with output 3, 5A Form C mechanical relay; with output 4, 2A Form A mechanical relay

Watlow Code Number


Mechanical Contactor, Power Supply

Dual pole, 40A Watlow contactor, 110/120VAC power supply


485 Modbus RTU (needed to communicate to third-party devices) and standard bus. User selectable


Zero Cross 25A (48 to 600VAC output)

Heat Sinks/DIN-rail Mounting



Profile ramp and soak (40 total steps, 1 to 4 profiles total)

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